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Body Positive Movement – The Truth & What It Means for Fashion

Body positive movement is nothing new… But I’ve decided to dedicate a space to styling tips for the body-conscious as I feel it is an ever-relevant topic. For anyone mildly interested in fashion or even those who aren’t, it is evident that fashion is very inclusive. Even at the height of the body positivity movement, …

Spring Flowers

Florals? For Spring. Groundbreaking.

Florals? For Spring. Groundbreaking. The days are finally longer, brighter, and getting warmer. The arrival of spring is sure. Although it’s still too cold to be ‘naked, naked naked’ (cue Rhianna’s famous line in ‘Wild Thoughts’). Nonetheless, the incentive is still there. Lockdown has eased significantly and the welcome of our newfound freedom is evident …


Style – A Personal Affair: Fashion’s Evolution & Revolution

Do you have style? With the rise and dominance of digital platforms and social media, fashion’s steered quite far from its origins and has become easily accessible to most, in the Global North that is.  There is a stark contrast to fashion’s elitist beginnings. Where only the rich aristocracies could enjoy, flaunting their wealth through …