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Eureka! Trousers for the ‘Little Booty Community’

I decided to push myself out of my comfort zone when it comes to this look. The reason being that I was tired of feeling restricted and letting my insecurity rule me (in my case it’s my small and basically flat bum). Which of course is a sin if you’re a black woman, but alas God gave me an oddly shaped modest derrière.

So in order to challenge myself past the constant moping I delved head first into wearing some ‘TROUSERS’?! Whereas I would usually stray from such clothing as I often want as little attention drawn to my behind as possible. The wide leg cream joggers I chose are giving everything and more.

Breaking Down The Look

The light colour is chic and crisp whilst the wide legs easily mask my behind and add a pop of fun and relax the look into something more chilled. I entertained myself by comparing the look to that of an off duty model. Dreams I know…

Paired with the oversized Khaki button up shirt, the look ties together seamlessly. The balance of looking effortless but ‘finished’. That’s one of my favourite ways to dress.

Shirts aren’t my thing as I feel like I always look like I’m wearing school uniform or a man’s shirt, and not in the sexy way. So to counter that, tied the waist like a cowgirl from the 2000’s, picture Paris Hilton & Nicole Richie in the ‘Simple Life’. No I never watched yet, I just have this image permanently etched on my brain.

Anyway with all that said, I’m in love with the joggers and they’ve become a staple for me, that I’ve worked into multiple outfits since. The shirt is yet to grow on me, but it’s here to stay or my sister’s newest gift.

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