Spring Flowers

Florals? For Spring. Groundbreaking.

Florals? For Spring. Groundbreaking.

The days are finally longer, brighter, and getting warmer. The arrival of spring is sure.

Although it’s still too cold to be ‘naked, naked naked’ (cue Rhianna’s famous line in ‘Wild Thoughts’). Nonetheless, the incentive is still there.

Lockdown has eased significantly and the welcome of our newfound freedom is evident everywhere. Store window displays are moments to acknowledge. Mannequins have de-robed, spring/summer silhouettes and colours are unmissable.

It seems every and anyone, with or without reason has made an occasion to celebrate freedom in their own way. Taking to the streets to let it be known.

Much like the roaring ’20s where society publicly celebrated the end of the war and the stringent previous way of life. To welcome the new economic growth…an excuse to mark the occasion.

The season’s trends are vast and varied from pastel tones, sheer fabric to oversized blazers. With each new year comes a slew of old and new trends. Click here to view

A familiar constant is the wearing of fewer clothes or lighter fabrics. This hails none other than the overly familiar uncomfortable body and self-esteem issues that manage to stay hidden as best as possible during the colder months.

The unrealistic perfect body image that’s presented as the norm, is an area of contention for all who don’t qualify. Warmer weather inevitably exposes those ‘flaws’. Issues one deals with and faces daily suddenly all come to a head when the sun comes out.

The daunting task of navigating summer wear yet feeling comfortable and secure in yourself is an understated challenge.

A hot pot of feelings, from being hyper-aware of onlookers to being disappointed with personal unrealistic body image expectations and society’s relentless pressures. Social media’s presence has extrapolated this problem.

The physical, mental, and emotional toll is at best exhausting.
Unfortunately, there’s no quick fix to the problem., but rather a long-term remedy.

How to Look & Feel Good This Spring

Below are a few things to consider to best tackle the daunting task of feeling beautiful and dressing comfortably this spring/summer.
*Take social media breaks, too much of anything isn’t good
*Follow individuals who have similar body shapes to you as references to use when styling yourself to grow your confidence
*Experiment with silhouettes and fabrics that play up your style and possibly introduce new looks
*Rework older wardrobe pieces
*Spend time getting to know your self and your body through deliberate tasks such as reading, going for walks, or meditating
*Enjoy the company of family and friends that make you feel good

Lastly remember you don’t owe anyone an answer, ultimately do what makes you comfortable and happy.

You’re perfect as you are.

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