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LBD with a Twist – This Dress Reminds Me of Tripe (Cow – Belly)

Ok so here me out, I assume that everyone knows what tripe is, if not it’s the cow’s intestine, that people eat in traditional dishes. I however do not, but that’s besides the point. The dress’s texture reminds me of what my home calls cow-belly.

Lets Get Technical

It’s the elongated grid like pattern, that has been achieved through using elasticated thread. The use of this thread then creates a ruched, puckered like surface texture on the dress. In turn this creates a bounce and movement when the dress is worn. Ok enough of the technical..I just thought it’d be useful to break it down.

Anywho, again I pushed the boat out with this outfit; the silhouette is not something I readily gravitate towards. I tend to feel more confident and beautiful with dresses that are fit closer to the body, like a jersey aka body con style dress. However due to the influence of watching a few of my personal faves style themselves, I dared to venture out, and it didn’t disappoint.

The Benefit of Trying New Things

I think it’s awesome to try something that isn’t traditionally what you’d wear as it pushes personal style development. Which is an ongoing process as it is a combination of the breath of interests an individual has. All of which contribute to tailoring a clear personal style which isn’t limited to one way of dressing. The closest analogy I can think of is a written signature; each time you write it there’s a different flare and outcome though you’re signing your name each time. This is because of the different factors that influence how the signature looks once written; the type of pen you use; ink or biro, the paper you write on, if you’re in a hurry or not etc. etc. I say all that to explain how pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone is a benefit and ultimately helps you grow hone your personal style.

The cow-belly dress did that for me, it’s fun, flirty and girly, all sides of my personality the showed up in a different way in this look. The satin black adds an air of sophistication. It gives the dress an evening look due to the sheen when light hits it, and I’m here for all of it. The dress literally bounces when you move and with all the other features combined, I feel like a character out of ‘The Great Gatsby’, specifically one of the illusive dancers that attended one of his many parties. Even if just for a second, a girl can dream.

Fashion is for Everyone

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