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Style Tips for the Body Conscious – Part 4

So I’m back with another one.

This week’s look is a pinafore style dress paired with a basic t-shirt. I have never paired a t-shirt with a dress before, though I’ve seen it many a time. I just felt it didn’t quite work with the personal polished and classic aesthetic I usually go for. However I’ve since changed my mind (obviously, or else I wouldn’t be sharing the look) and made it work for me. It’s fun and still me, and most importantly has added more range to my wardrobe, allowing me to create new looks with pieces already owned.

Style Tips

  • Colour of the fabric: Dark Brown – is flattering as it draws attention away from potentially problematic areas of the body; where usually one would experience self conscious feelings. 
  • Length of dress: Mini – short fun and daring for an otherwise modest silhouette
  • Vinyl fabric – is structured and creates clean lines that provide an overall sleek, daring look
  • Fastening – back zip is functional and provides easy wear access.
  • Square neckline creates a nice décolletage

Fashion is for Everyone

Perfect as You Are

Styling Video of Pinafore Dress

Spring/Summer styling tips – for those w/ additional body conscious issues #fyp #skincondition #chronicillness #styletipsforwomen #bodyconfidence

♬ Shooting Stars – Bag Raiders

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