Uniform Chic Just In Time for the New School Year

I don’t know if it’s because I’m British or because we’ve been sold this aesthetic through media from such a young age, but I’ll have you know that outfits inspired by school uniform have a hold on me. There’s just something about a well coordinated shirt and skirt combo that gets my fashion senses tingling. Although I am able to see the cliché in it, and perhaps this look has been ‘overdone’. Nonetheless, I think it’s cemented itself as a style staple, an infallible look and a go – to outfit. Much like the beloved LBD (Little Black Dress).

My Inspiration

Think less ‘St. Trinian’s’, and more ‘That’s so Raven’. The episode where their school introduces uniform and Raven rebels by customising and accessorising her boring uniform, in the name of individualism and creative expression. I relished that episode and had dreams of doing the same to my school uniform which boasted hues of brown and browner. This combination with my brown coloured skin had me less than impressed, I was actively upset.

Uniform Aesthetic Reworked

But fast forward a couple of years and I’m finally able to live out my secondary school dreams. I’m partial to the colour navy over black (yes I’m aware black is actually a shade). This is because navy is a softer replacement to black meaning it doesn’t look as harsh when worn separately or paired with other pieces in an outfit. For this particular outfit I chose a mini navy skirt with pinstripe, paired with a cropped white shirt. Pinstripe is a classic print that elevates a garment from boring to a stylish wardrobe staple. The button detailing and sudo flap pocket are firmly reminiscent of uniform and I for one, am living for it.

The white shirt, again is a classic, and by now you should know I’m all for repeatable staple wardrobe pieces. The cropped length made it modern and fun. The pockets are functional as well as decorative. I accessorised with gold necklaces as replacements to a tie for a more relaxed look.

This skirt is short short, like if a mini had a kid. As in it is definitely not for heavy lifting or any extreme movements, more so a waddle. But to counteract this slight problem, I of course wore some risqué fishnet tights, which completed the ‘customised uniform look’.

To repeat, I’m all about staple repeatable wardrobe pieces. It’s the best way to develop and hone personal style whilst pushing for a more sustainable lifestyle. The key is to have long-lasting pieces, that can be mixed and matched limitlessly, creating multiple outfits.

Fashion is for Everyone

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